Since 1967, Gianoncelli specialises in the production of a traditional high-quality cured meat:
Bresaola della Valtellina.

A unique and inimitable hand-produced cured meat made with the best cuts of carefully selected beef thigh.
The production plant, located in the Municipality of Poggiridenti, not far from the main town Sondrio, in the heart of Valtellina, covers a surface of 3000 m2 and has recently been extended an modernised adding new ageing rooms compliant with the latest quality standards.


““Use the right combination of tradition and modern technology to create products
that can be recognised across the world as a symbol of Italian excellence.”.

Our history

The business was founded in 1967 thanks to the passion of Arturo Gianoncelli and immediately started specialising in the production of Bresaola della Valtellina, as a tribute to local tradition.

In the early 1990s it expanded acquiring larger premises, introducing new plants and increasing its production capacity.
In the years that followed, thanks to the care put in every detail during all the production stages, the careful selection of raw materials and the extensive experience in the salting, flavouring and ageing processes, Gianoncelli’s high-quality products deservedly earned the appreciation of consumers all across the country.
Today, after further expansion, making use of the most modern productions techniques and, thanks to its experienced, qualified and motivated team,
the company is managed with great passion by Sergio, the son of Arturo Gianoncelli, its founder.


“Work to sustain, protect and prove the cultural importance, the sensorial richness
and the real value of food,by interpreting all future choices based on local traditions
in combination with the right measure of evolution.”

Gianoncelli Quality

Thanks to 50 years of experience, great professionalism, unconditional attention to the quality of the raw materials – all rigorously fresh – and the origin of the meat – only from authorised farms – years ago Gianoncelli obtained the Protected Geographical Indication (IGP) quality certification.

Each production stage, from cutting to flavouring, from salting to ageing, is performed according to traditional methods, passed down from generation to generation; this is why Bresaola Gianoncelli is such a unique and excellent product.
The company adopts the HACCP method in compliance with the European Community regulations that set the food and packaging hygiene standards for production and supply chains.
Gianoncelli does not use genetically modified products (OGM) nor products containing OGM derivatives.

Preparation in the meat laboratory

Preparation in the meat laboratory